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0 comments · April 5, 2017

Selecting the 12 Volt Air Compressor

The Lifeline 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor is a need-to-have, especially in case you are happening an avenue trip in an RV. From safety gadgets to ordinary essentials and drugs, there are loads of things that you need to deliver with you while you pass on a journey. So, you may need a device it really is compact, lightweight and easy to stow away. The Lifeline 300 PSI 12 Volt Air Compressor neatly fits the invoice.

It's easy to function

This mini air compressor can be without difficulty powered with the aid of your car's car's cigarette lighter adapter socket. So, you ought not to one by one deliver a plug for the air compressor. Plus, it comes with a ten-foot lengthy power twine, which is long enough to maneuver across the automobile. You can effortlessly set it up the usage of the quick-connect gadget.

Three inflation nozzles allow flexible use. It features three inflation nozzles, which means you may use it to inflate tires and sporting device.

Built-in strain gauge for convenient checking

You can test the pressure stage at the built-in stress gauge. The big dial and coloration coding permit you to without difficulty view the readings.

Powerful performance

Though small in length, this compressor packs an effective 300 PSI, that's extra than sufficient to inflate your car tires.

Features and Specifications

The Lifeline 300 PSI Compressor may be used to inflate excessive-pressure RV tires

Small and lightweight, it is simple to hold and store

It can be powered the usage of the automobile's cigarette plug

This device has 3 nozzle adapter and a short joint air hose

It comes with a 10-foot strength wire

The in-constructed air strain gauge allows display strain while inflating tires

Some clients complained about the noise and vibrations created at some point of operation at the same time as a few stated that the stress gauge became not so correct. However, there are many customers who are happy and glad about their buy. Some customers additionally stated that the noise degree of this compressor isn't as high as the opposite compressors within the market. Customers searching out a compact air compressor for everyday use were happy with this product.
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